Mega-Rust Video Tutorials

Let's face it no one likes to read long instructions to play a game. To make it easier to jump right into the action I created these helpful step-by-step instructional videos on how to use the many features in Mega-Rust to your advantage. Don't let the competition beat you because they have all the commands and features memorized.

Mega-Rust is not just about your PVP skills, it is about knowing how to use the options avaiable at the right time.

Command Description Video
All Commands Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice  
/home add HomeName Allows you to teleport to your home base with /home HomeName. N/A
/tpr PlayerName Allows you to set a home anywhere on the map. If someone places a tool cupboard down near your home and you loose building rights you'll loose the ability to telport home. Command: /home HomeName N/A
/trade PlayerName Allows you to safely trade items to another player. To receive /trade accept. N/A
/remove Allows you to remove items and walls as needed provided that you have building rights. Note you can remove items and walls created by other players provided that you have building right. N/A
/bgrade 1, 2, 3 or 4 Allows you to build in different materials from the start so you don't have to upgrade later. N/A
/share Allows you to setup automatic sharing of secured resources such as turrets, doors and chests with your clan N/A
/codelock Allows you to setup automatic codelock placement with automatic locking with a specific code. N/A
/ad # Controls automatic door closing. Type /ad and a number between 5 and 30 to automatically close doors after the specified number of seconds. To disable auto door closer type /ad 0. N/A
/tod Check the current time in rust. N/A
/skin Change the look of your in game items. N/A
/b Check who placed an object or owns a base. N/A
/kit Allows you to claim items such as coffin, dive suit, diesel, quarry and survey charges, cards and fuses and even the heavy scientist suit. N/A
/codehack Allows you to hack into another players base using a laptop. To block a hack attempt be sure to keep laptops in your tool cupboard. N/A
/hack Allows you to reduce base protection by 20%. Requires 10,000 supply signals and 1 targeting computer. To hack all bases use Global hack /globalhack requires 50,000 supply signals. N/A
/boom Allows you to shoot c4 from your AK or M249 for 60 seconds. Also try /boomturret to change your turret into a c4 shooting turret. N/A
/crosshair Allows you to put a crosshair in the center of your screen. Helpful for target acquisition when you don't have a scope and also when using remote control auto turrets. N/A
/bank Allows you to safely store items and materials from the game in a secured storage container that you keep through server wipes. You only get 42 slots so choose wisely. N/A
/clan Allows you to create or join a clan in game. This is different than a team. You won't damage your clan mates if you accidently shoot them once you set it up. In addition they'll automatically be authorized on turrets, doors, chests and the tool cupboard. N/A
/cmenu Control your clan members and establish alliances. N/A
/cinfo ClanTag Lets you see who in a clan is online. Good to know before you raid someone. N/A
/outpost Teleport to the Outpost. N/A
/bandit Teleport to the Bandit Camp. N/A
/terminal add Activate the terminal placement tool (requires a laptop in your hands). Place it on a wall in your base to control your remote cameras, turrets and search lights. You can also use it to place bounties on other players. N/A
/terminal remove Removes a terminal from your base. N/A
/sl add terminalID Converts the spotlight you are looking at into a automated light that is registered to the specified terminal. N/A
/sl remove Removes the automation from the light you are looking at. N/A
/sc add Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the users hands). N/A
/sc remove Removes the camera you are looking at. N/A
/rt add terminalID Set the turret you are looking at as a remote turret registered to the specified terminal. N/A
/rt remove Remove the controller from the turret you are looking at. N/A
/turret basic Executing this command while looking at a turret and having the required upgrade materials in your inventory will upgrade the turret to a rocket turret. N/A
/turret remove Executing this command while looking at a turret will return a turret back to its normal state. N/A
/turret aa Executing this command while looking at a turret will upgrade it to an Anti Air turret that will only shoot at helicopters. N/A
/turret javelin Executing this command while looking at a turret will upgrade it to a javelin turret that will shoot missiles. N/A
/mymini Spawns a minicopter near you to fly. These minicopters can hold up to 4 players. N/A
/nomini Removes your minicopter. N/A
Middle mouse button down while in the drivers seat of minicopter Lets you select a gun to shoot from the minicopter. Use left click to shoot it. N/A
/callheli 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Executing this command will call an attack heli to you. Massive loot if you can kill it. Tip: Kill it over water and you don't have to wait for the fire to burn out. N/A
/marker Lets you turn on or off a marker that indicates if you hit your target or not when shooting. In addition it displays a health bar on the bottom of the screen just above your hotbar. N/A
/craft Lets you craft a Sentry Turret like Outpost has for your base. Cost is 100,000 scrap. N/A
/craft.lockon or /craft.lockon # of rockets Lets you craft a lock on smoke rocket that can 1 shot kill a minicopter. Cost is 10 basic rockets and 3 tech trash each. N/A
/craftmultiplier # Lets you craft at an increased rate using the vanilla crafting system. N/A
/newlift Lets you create an elevator in your base. N/A
/strike buy nuke Lets you call a nuclear strike at your current location. Cost is 10,000 supply signals. N/A
/strike buy nuke PlayerName Lets you call a nuclear strike at a player's current location. Cost is 10,000 supply signals. N/A
/pr Lets you compare your clan to others in terms of gathering and PVP. N/A
/teamhud Lets you toggle the team hud in the top right corner of your screen on and off. Click on the images to send a teleport request to that player. N/A
/br Lets you repair your entire base with a single hammer hit. Provided you have the materials. N/A
/rn discord "k19windowmaker#0536" Receive discord messages when you're getting raided. Note: you must join the mega-rust discord server first. Use your DiscordName not mine ;) N/A
/rn test Test raid DM through discord. N/A
/rn test Test raid DM through discord. N/A
/clanskins Typing /clanskins will enable the features and everytime the owner gets new clothes will get the skin set. Typing again /clanskins will disable all features. N/A
/spawn Fighter Spawns a Fighter plane in front of you. Type /recall to destroy it. N/A
/spawn Bomber Spawns a Bomber plane in front of you. Type /recall to destroy it. N/A
/makewand Equip a bone knife and type this command. Next press down middle mouse button to select a spell. Eating black rasberries recharges faster. N/A
Middle mouse down on Compound Bow Lets you select a custom bow action like zip line. Eating black raspberries recharges faster. N/A




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